Fitness Gym Glove Men & Women Anti-Slip Silicone Grip Padded Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wrap Crossfit Workout Bodybuilding

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1.Super Breathability: The light gym gloves are made with high quality ultralight microfiber. Breathable meshes and vents on the back keeps your hands dry. Tiny holes between fingers will improve the breathability of the whole gloves

2.Comprehensive Protection: Anti-slip silica gel grip pad will effectively protect your hands from being worn out. Elastic wrist wrap can be adjusted to give your wrist better protection according to your training program

3.Great Convenience: Pull tabs on fingers make it easy to pull this weight lifting gloves off. Towel on the thumb can not only absorb sweat on your finger, but also can be used to wipe the dirt on your forehead

4.Wide Application: This training gloves are not only lightweight but also durable. So they are very suitable for weight lifting, pull up, CrossFit, cycling, driving, fitness, gym training and general workouts


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